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Sometimes you need some expert advice before heading out into the great unknown. The following YouTube channels are dedicated to all the free spirits and adventurers out there. The experts may have something of value to add to your itinerary.

Australia – Tourism Australia

Look here to find some inspiration for your dream holiday here and discover why Australia is one of the greatest holiday destinations on earth. Australia is one of the most unique and welcoming destinations on the planet.

Backpackers and travellers can reconnect and explore the far reaches of the country life or dare to take the road into the outback. This channel is on a mission to show followers why Australia is the most memorable destination on earth!

Expedia – Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide

This is an American online travel shopping company for small business travel. Follow and to learn more about shopping and travelling in Melbourne and around Australia. Explore catalogues and guidelines for travelling in a cost-effective way.

Lost LeBlanc – How to Travel Melbourne

Melbourne in Australia is an incredible destination for adventurers, foodies, and nature lovers around the world. This is a comprehensive travel guide that aims to display the vibrant and colourful lives of Australians. Visitors can expect to be enthralled by the nightlife and vibrance of city life. There is something for everyone here to enjoy.

Visit Melbourne

In the heart of the city, there are plenty of attractions to explore and sites to see. The streets are lined with fabulous restaurants, and the night comes to life with a buzzing atmosphere in the air. Learn about Quest Apartment Hotels and book your stay in this vibrant city.

Many streamers and YouTube channels come from humble beginnings to present interesting news and information to followers daily. Follow these channels to find out more about traversing the countryside and city life in Australia.